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  • Selection of laser cutting air compressor

    With the rapid development of fiber laser technology in the past 10 years, laser cutting machines have been widely used in automobile manufacturing and kitchenware industries due to their wide cutting range, high cutting speed, narrow slit, good cutting quality, low thermal impact, and large process

  • 1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Oxygen Cutting 6mm and 8mm Stainless Steel Process Guide

    Some after-sales engineers report that during the delivery process, customers required 1000W fiber laser cutting machine to cut 6mm and 8mm stainless steel with oxygen. The cutting process is difficult to debug and the cutting effect is not good.

  • Effect of Auxiliary Gas on Fiber Laser Cutting

    Guide: After nearly ten years of development, fiber laser cutting technology has gradually replaced punching and shearing technology, and has dominated the sheet metal processing industry. The laser cutting process has also been greatly improved, and the auxiliary gas Selection and reasonable applic

  • Six Functions that Double Laser Cutting Efficiency

    The idle distance of the early laser cutting machine is shown in the figure below. The cutting head needs to perform the third action for the second time: ascend (to a height that is safe enough), translate (reach above point B), and descend. Today, in the cutting process, there are six practical functions. With these practical functions, the processing efficiency and cutting performance of the laser cutting machine can be greatly improved.

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