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Selection of laser cutting air compressor

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      With the rapid development of fiber laser technology in the past 10 years, laser cutting machines have been widely used in automobile manufacturing and kitchenware industries due to their wide cutting range, high cutting speed, narrow slit, good cutting quality, low thermal impact, and large processing flexibility. , Sheet metal processing, advertising industry, machinery manufacturing, fitness equipment and other industries.

       With the extensive use of laser cutting machines in production, the cutting process has also been greatly improved. The auxiliary gas, as the most critical process factor in the laser cutting process, has a pivotal position in actual production. As the lowest-cost compressed air, it is especially loved by the majority of laser cutting users, but the selection of air compressors has always troubled the majority of users. Today we will explain the precautions of air compressor selection.

Laser cutting requirements for compressed air:

  1. The pressure of compressed air needs to be greater than 13 BAR, less than 30 BAR, and the flow rate is 0.8-1.1 cubic meters per minute.

    In actual laser cutting, the larger the air pressure, the better processing quality and higher cutting speed can be obtained, so the larger the air pressure from the cutting process, the better, but considering that the low and medium power cutting head can withstand 30 bar Therefore, when we select an air compressor, the air pressure should be between 13 BAR and 30 BAR. Too small cannot get good cutting speed and quality.

  2. Compressed air must be equipped with related post-processing equipment, gas storage tanks, freeze dryers, adsorption dryers, filters, etc., and its ultimate purpose is to get clean, dry compressed gas.

    Laser cutting is a high-precision machining method. If you use compressed air containing moisture, oil or other impurities, everyone will find that there is no way to complete the cutting, because these impurities will contaminate the protective lens and cause the loss of cutting energy. It will also affect the stability of the laser cutting head tracking system, resulting in a decrease in cutting efficiency and even inability to cut. Therefore, in addition to the air compressor, the matching of post-processing equipment is also essential.

    空压机图片1   Protective lenses contaminated by moisture and oil in compressed air

Based on the above factors, our TA laser recommends the selection of several air compressors and post-processing equipment for the majority of overseas users with our actual application:

  1.  Piston air compressor


    As the earliest founder of the earliest air compressors, laser cutting can provide pressures of up to 20 BAR. It has always been loved by customers, but complicated maintenance and maintenance and excessive noise pollution during use are also its shortcomings.
    And its subsequent processing is the most complicated of its kind. In addition, overseas transportation and installation are also more complicated.
    Application range: stainless steel sheet, medium and heavy plate, carbon steel sheet, medium and heavy plate

  2. Screw air compressor



    Screw air compressors use high-capacity compression components to achieve high efficiency, high reliability, low vibration, and low noise. But screw air compressors that can be purchased in overseas markets generally have a maximum pressure of 13 BAR and a flow rate of 0.8 cubic meters. every minute.
    Use range: stainless steel sheet, medium and heavy plate, carbon steel sheet

  3. Scroll air compressor


    Scroll air compressor is lower in noise than any air compressor and can be placed directly in the workshop with minimal interference to workers. Due to the superiority of the principle (only one component-moving disk movement), the scroll air compressor The compressor is more efficient than traditional air compressors such as pistons and screws, with lower maintenance costs and a more stable cutting pressure. The pressure can reach 16 BAR and the flow rate is 1.1 cubic meters per minute. Its integrated design Convenient for overseas transportation and installation.
    Use range: stainless steel sheet, medium and heavy plate, carbon steel sheet


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