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Effect of Auxiliary Gas on Fiber Laser Cutting

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Guide: After nearly ten years of development, fiber laser cutting technology has gradually replaced punching and shearing technology, and has dominated the sheet metal processing industry. The laser cutting process has also been greatly improved, and the auxiliary gas Selection and reasonable application are not to be ignored in the laser cutting process. The correct choice of cutting gas and process will greatly improve production efficiency, save processing costs, improve product quality, and achieve twice the result with half the effort. Below we divide the following Part to elaborate how we should perfect a gas process in actual production.
In order to better understand the importance of cutting gas in laser cutting of plates, we have summarized several functions of auxiliary gas:
1. In cutting metal plates, blow away the residual cutting waste to obtain a regular cutting surface.
2. Cool and protect the lens, and prevent cutting slag from sticking to the surface of the lens to protect the lens and increase the life of the lens.
3. Reacts with materials to improve cutting speed.
After everyone understands the importance of cutting gas, we will analyze it for you in the following based on the actual situation. In actual industrial production, how should we choose cutting gas reasonably.
The auxiliary gases for laser cutting are:
1. Oxygen (purity ≥99.5%)
2. Nitrogen (purity ≥99.5%)
3. Compressed air (air pressure ≥ 16 BAR dry and clean)
Oxygen plays a role in supporting combustion during cutting, which can increase the cutting capacity of laser equipment. Oxygen is mainly used in the cutting of carbon steel plates and some thicker carbon steel plate structural parts.
Nitrogen is an inert gas, which can prevent the cutting end surface from oxidizing during the cutting process. Products that have high requirements on the cutting end surface and do not require secondary surface treatment can choose nitrogen, such as some decoration industries, food machinery industries, etc.
Compressed air is generally not relatively thick when cutting plates, and the quality of the cutting end face is not particularly high. It is the gas with the lowest cost among all cutting gases.
Below we will analyze the actual combat for you with the application of 2000W fiber laser cutting machine in actual production.
Equipment: TA laser 2000W fiber laser cutting machine Cutting capacity:
Carbon steel 1MM-16MM stainless steel 1-8MM AL 1-8MM brass: 1-8MM copper 1-5MM
Cutting gas: oxygen (purity ≥99.5%) / nitrogen (purity ≥99.5%) / compressed air (16BAR dry and clean)

MaterialThicknessPreferred GasSecondary Gas
Mild Steel1mmAirOxygen
Mild Steel2mmAirOxygen
Mild Steel3mmOxygenAir
Mild Steel4mmOxygenAir
Mild Steel6mmOxygen
Mild Steel8mmOxygen
Mild Steel10mmOxygen
Mild Steel12mmOxygen
Mild Steel14mm
Mild Steel16mmOxygen

MaterialThicknessPreferred GasSecondary Gas

MaterialThicknessPreferred GasSecondary Gas
Stainless Steel1mmNitrogenAir
Stainless Steel2mmNitrogenAir
Stainless Steel3mmNitrogenAir
Stainless Steel4mmNitrogenAir
Stainless Steel6mmNitrogenAir
Stainless Steel8mmNitrogenAir

MaterialThicknessPreferred GasSecondary Gas
MaterialThicknessPreferred GasSecondary Gas

Concluding remarks: In the current increasingly fierce competition in the industry, it is an effective way to choose a suitable cutting process by improving the process of the product. For more cutting processes, please pay attention to www.talaser.net


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